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Plant Crib

Sections from edition 2, with some updated sections from the planned Plant Crib 3.

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Other Identification Resources

>> New! Andy Amphlett’s key to Balsam Poplars.

>> BotanicalKeys. A free and easy online key for beginners, by Quentin Groom.

>> Have a go at the Flora of NW Europe’s Identification Test.

>> Jeremy Roberts’s web site on Trichophorum, Eleocharis, Viola rupestris and Hymenophyllum

>> Notes on eyebrights by Alan Silverside

>> The Daffodil Site, by Mick Crawley.

>> Snowdrop identification by Mick Crawley

>> ISpot is a handy web site for posting photos of things you can’t identify.

>> If you’re a real expert, you can identify northern hawkweeds using Tim Rich’s online key.


Smartphone Apps

>> MAKAQues Multiple Access Key to the British Flora, by Chris Dixon: ca. 20 from Google Play

>> eFlora of the British Isles, by Clive Stace, ca. 13 from Apple iTunes


The TEP files

Identification leaflets for surveyors, produced by Peter Gateley of Warrington-based ecological consultancy TEP. You can download them, print them out and laminate. They are pdfs up to about 2 Mb. See what you think....



Members of the BSBI can make use of our Referees, who will name difficult plants for you. Details are in the Yearbook, which is sent out to members each year in January. If you’re not a member, and you are interested in plant identification, you should think about joining.