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Field Meetings

>> Field Meetings programme 2014

A great way to get involved in  botany. Most field meetings are open to anyone, although members have priority. If you want to book on a meeting, contact the leader well in advance because they will fill up. Please do not just turn up on the day.

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Extra field meeting

Sunday 6th July (S, T). CYPERACEAE: Sedges and their allies.

This is a training meeting for anyone who wishes to gain an understanding of Sedges and their allies. We will look at the flowering and vegetative characters that define this group and how to start separating them using keys.

It is a chance to become familiar with some of the acid dwelling and woodland border species of Sedges Carex and related genera including Carex binervis Green-veined Sedge, C. demissa Common Yellow Sedge, C. echinata Star Sedge, C. hostiana Tawny Sedge, C. laevigata Smooth-stalked Sedge, C. leporina Oval Sedge, C. nigra Common Sedge, C. panicea Carnation Sedge, C. pilulifera Pill Sedge, C. pulicaris Flea Sedge, C. remota Remote Sedge and C. sylvatica Wood Sedge; as well as Eriophorum angustifolium Common Cottongrass and E. vaginatum Hare's-tail Cottongrass. Other species of interest include large patches of Equisetum sylvaticum Wood Horsetail and a range of Juncus  species Rushes.

Brook Vesson's is a Shropshire Wildlife Trust nature reserve on the edge of the Stiperstones National Nature Reserve. Other features of the site are the old gnarled Rowan, Holly and Crab apple trees.

Full day outing so please bring packed lunch. Wellies /waterproof Walking boots are essential. Expected distance is not great, but going may be rough and very wet in places. If you have a copy of the BSBI Sedge Handbook please bring it along.

Open to beginners.

Meet at 10:30am, for car parking location please contact organiser.

For furthering information and booking, please contact Mark Duffell. Tel: 01743 851084.


Meetings and conferences

>> 28th - 30th March 2014 Irish members’ conference. Read more...

>> 4th - 7th June 2014. Scottish summer meeting in Perthshire

>> 18th - 20th June 2014: Welsh AGM, Tintern

>> 25-27th July: Brambles Meeting in Wales

>> 5-8th August: Merioneth recording week.

>> 1 November 2014: Scottish Annual Meeting

>> 22 November 2014: Annual Exhibition Meeting, Leicester

>> 10-12 April 2015: Recorders Conference, Shrewsbury.



Committee Meetings, 2014

  • 26 Feb: Meetings, Leicester
  • 4 Mar: Scottish Committee
  • 12 Mar: Council, London
  • 2 Apr: Board of Trustees
  • 13 May: Scottish Committee
  • 21  June: Irish Committee
  • 23  July: Board of Trustees, London
  • Mid Sep: Irish AGM, N. Ireland
  • 23 Sep: Scottish Committee
  • 24 Sep: Meeting Committee
  • 12 Nov: Council, London

Instructions for leaders of Field Meetings

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>> Advice from the Edinburgh workshop

Meetings committee is: Ian Denholm and Lynne Farrell (Co-Chairs), Jonathan Shanklin (Secretary), Laura Gravestock, Uta Hamzaoui, Louise Marsh, Jodey Peyton, Sarah Stille, Jill Sutcliffe, Sue Townsend.