Staffordshire, v.c. 39

Recording in Staffordshire

The joint County Recorders are John Hawksford and Ian Hopkins. All correspondence to John Hawksford, Owlerslaak, Laneside Road, New Mills, High Peak, SK22 4LU


The North Staffordshire Flora, by W.T. Boydon Ridge (1922) is available here for downloading. But beware, it is a large file (28 MB).

>> Download the North Staffs Flora 

Flora of Staffordshire

The previous Flora of vice county 39 was by Eric Edees, published in 1972. A new recording project began in 1998 to collect data, on a tetrad basis, to cover the period 1995-2008. Also to be incorporated was a comparison with Edees’ results and a summary of significant finds during the period 1973-1994. Many botanists took part and it was published in December, 2011. This volume included records of the less common species during 2009, 2010 and the first half of 2011. It is planned to produce annual updates on this website.

>> First update, Feb 2012

>> Second update, July 2012

>> Third update, January 2013

>> Fourth update, November 2013

>> Fifth update, October 2015

>>  Sixth update, February 2018

>> *NEW* Seventh update, April 2018

>> Overlay maps (save the file and print onto acetate).