Wales Officer

The Wales Officer post is currently vacant.

Please email James Harding-Morris with any enquiries.

The Wales Officer Twitter account @BSBICymru is managed by James Harding-Morris, BSBI Countries Support Manager.

Plant Atlas 2020 goes live!

Plant Atlas 2020 is the most in-depth survey of the British and Irish flora ever undertaken. The results are summarised on the Plant Atlas 2020 in Wales page where a Welsh language version of Britain's Changing Flora is available. Huge thanks to everyone who has contributed over the last 20 years to make the Atlas a reality.

Red List of Welsh Stoneworts

 Natural Resources Wales (NRW) has just published a Red List of Welsh Stoneworts, following IUCN Regional Guidelines. The list has been compiled from a wide range of datasets including BSBI data, NRW monitoring data and previous projects. Download the Red List of Welsh Stoneworts and read more about stoneworts here.

Rare Plant Registers

In 2020 updated Rare Plant Registers for Brecknock, Flintshire and Radnorshire were published.

Begun in Ceredigion in 1978, most of the Rare Plant Registers for Wales are now available online on the County pages.  Wales was the first country to celebrate the completion of a full set of Rare Plant Registers in 2017.

BSBI Welsh Bulletin

The most recent (Summer 2022) Welsh Bulletin is now available: Bulletin 110.

The complete run of the BSBI Welsh Bulletin, current and all back issues from 1964, is now available on the BSBI Welsh Bulletin page.

The Bulletin is produced twice a year and contains articles and news items of interest and importance to Wales. Welsh members of the BSBI automatically receive a copy of the BSBI Welsh Bulletin. Back issues are available on request - please contact either Sally Whyman or Katherine Slade.

News, articles and accompanying photographs for the Welsh Bulletin are very welcome. The editors are Richard Pryce, Katherine Slade, Sally Whyman.

Records for publication in the Welsh Bulletin should be submitted using the form below (Excel format).

Record submission form.

The State of Nature report 2019 has been published. Find out more here or download the SoN summary for Wales.

Welsh Bulletin

All current and back issues of the BSBI Welsh Bulletin can now be found in the new BSBI Welsh Bulletin page.