Montgomeryshire, v.c. 47

Introducing Montgomeryshire

Kate Thorne and Gillian Foulkes reviewed Montgomeryshire's floral highlights for BSBI News.

County Recorders

Rare Plant Register

A Rare Plant Register for Montgomeryshire was first drawn up in 2009 and a limited number of copies were printed off.  This has been updated regularly as an Excel spreadsheet of records (most recently 2020), with some rearrangement of species (according to priority status) and with the addition of some new species, including some less common axiophytes in the county.

The 2020 Rare Plant Register is available by clicking the link. We plan to update the RPR regularly and would welcome any records that would update it. Please send them to Kate Thorne.  The most recent version suitable for printing is from 2017 and is available here.