New Year Plant Hunt 2021

The tenth BSBI New Year Plant Hunt ran from Friday 1st to Monday 4th January 2021. The Hunt is now over so please submit any records before the deadline of midnight on Friday 8th January. An analysis of the results will be published on this page before the end of January. By taking part in the Hunt, you are helping us build up a clearer picture of how our wildflowers are responding to changes in autumn and winter weather patterns. Thank you!

*UPDATE 2nd JAN* Apologies to anyone who experienced problems using the New Year Plant Hunt app/ online recording form today: the map plug-in has failed so if you're hunting tomorrow, please enable GPS on your phone or email us your grid ref/ location. App is also proving very slow to send: we're really sorry about this - please keep trying or email us

Taking part in the 2021 Hunt:

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You'll also find photos of this year's finds on the BSBI Facebook accounts (Britain and Ireland) and on Instagram.

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NYPH Support Team 2021

In 2021 the New Year Plant Hunt support team comprises volunteers April, Brian, Ciara, Ellen, George, Isobel, Jo, Joshua A., Josh S., Leif, Moira, Rebecca & Ryan; and staff members Kevin, Louise, Paul & Tom. Email the team:

Thank you!

Did you take part in the 2021 New Year Plant Hunt? Perhaps you are one of the 1,714 people who took part in the 2020 Hunt? Or maybe you've been with us since the very first Hunt in 2012?

We'd like to say a huge thank you to all of you: you're helping us build up a clearer picture of how our wild and naturalised plants are responding to changes in autumn and winter weather patterns.

Results of the 2021 Hunt:

View all the results coming in via our interactive map and see lists of what other plant-hunters found and where - it's all on our New Year Plant Hunt Results website.

Summary of Day One highlights

Summary of Day Two highlights

Summary of Days Three and Four highlights

New Year Plant Hunt playlist on the BSBI YouTube channel.

Which plants were recorded in bloom during the 2020 Hunt? How do results compare across the years?

View or download an analysis of NYPH 2020 Results carried out by Dr Kevin Walker, BSBI Head of Science, and compare them with results from previous years.

Here is the press release summarising New Year Plant Hunt 2020 Results.

On our Results page you can view results from 2017-2020: interactive maps, images, stats, most frequently recorded plants and longest lists. 

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