The BSBI is a registered charity and a company limited by guarantee. Its overall governance is overseen by a Board of Trustees, which was supported until 2020 by an advisory Council; this was disbanded following the adoption of the BSBI Strategy 2021-24 and the  introduction of the Governance Plan.

BSBI also has a variety of committees who oversee activity on a specific topic, or for a particular area. BSBI members sit on the committees (see lists below) and we are very grateful for their volunteer contribution. Various staff members also attend these meetings to support committee activities and/or to help with administration.

The BSBI Strategy 2021-24 is available to view in full; all other material to support BSBI governance is stored in our separate password-protected Governance website which is accessible to all BSBI members, so they can view minutes of all meetings of BSBI country and standing committees and the Board of Trustees. Members should head over to our members-only area (password required) for access details. If you have forgotten your password, please email us at

Non-members can see our full accounts here, minutes from our Annual General Meeting here and can join BSBI here.

Board of Trustees

  • Christopher Miles (Chair)
  • Paul Bisson
  • Chris Cheffings
  • Mick Crawley
  • Helena Crouch
  • Mary Dean
  • Ian Denholm
  • John Faulkner
  • Steve Gater (Hon. Gen. Sec./ Company Secretary)
  • Kylie Jones
  • Sandra Knapp
  • Anthony David Thomas

Events & Communications Committee

Science & Data Committee (formerly Records & Research)

  • Robert Northridge (Chair)
  • Jo Parmenter (Secretary)
  • Jeremy Ison
  • Richard Jefferson
  • Oliver Pescott
  • Martin Rand
  • Simon Smart
  • Julian Woodman.

Skills & Training Committee (formerly Training & Education)

  • Mary Dean (interim Chair)
  • Sarah Dalrymple (Secretary)
  • Clare Coleman
  • Mark Duffell
  • Rebecca Farley-Brown
  • Ellen Fry
  • Alison Jukes
  • Joshua Styles
  • Rebecca Wheeler
  • Kevin Widdowson

Committee for England

  • Jonathan Shanklin (Chair)
  • Mary Dean (Field Meetings Secretary)
  • Ian Denholm
  • Mark Duffell
  • Martin Godfrey
  • Anne Haden
  • Chris Metherell
  • David Morris
  • Jo Parmenter
  • Fred Rumsey
  • John Swindells
  • Elizabeth Cooke (Plantlife representative – non-voting)

Committee for Ireland

  • Cliona Byrne (Chair)
  • Ralph Sheppard (Vice-chair)
  • Edwina Cole (Secretary)
  • Mark McCorry (Field Meetings Secretary)
  • Oonagh Duggan (Treasurer)
  • Seán O'Brien
  • Alexis Fitzgerald
  • Jessica Hamilton
  • David McNeill
  • Robert Northridge

Committee for Scotland

  • Lindsay Mackinlay (Chair)
  • Liz Lavery (Secretary)
  • David Elston (Field Meetings Secretary)
  • John Crossley
  • Liz Kungu
  • Matt Parratt
  • Michael Philip
  • Louise Ross
  • Andrew Rowley
  • Alan Walker
  • Sarah Watts
  • Polly Spencer-Vellacott

Committee for Wales

  • Stephanie Tyler (Chair)
  • John Palmer (Vice-Chair)
  • Anne Griffiths (Secretary)
  • Liz Dean (Treasurer)
  • Andy Jones (Field Meetings Secretary)
  • Steve Chambers
  • Chloe Griffiths
  • Gail Quartly-Bishop
  • Delyth Williams
  • Ray Woods
  • Kath Pryce (Minuting Secretary - non-voting)
  • Richard Pryce (Welsh Bulletin Joint Editor - non-voting)
  • Julian Woodman (Natural Resources Wales representative - non-voting)

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